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Various HR documents are available below for download:

Form Name Description  
E-mail rules Read through computer books and they'll teach you the rules of "Netiquette". This will include such rules as "not" using capital letters because that is the equivalent of "shouting", not "spamming" people, and not "flaming" people... DownloadDownload
Independent Contractor vs Employee There are financial benefits to both: The employer is not responsible for the usual costs associated with employees, such as unemployment, health or pension contributions and the independent contractor can deduct reasonable... DownloadDownload
Collective minimum wage agreement for employees in the agricultural sector On the 3rd of March 2009 the AEA, the NNFU and NaFWU met to review the minimum wage for the agricultural sector on request of the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare... DownloadDownload
Social Security Commission ups its MSD Benefits The Social Security Commission would like to announce the following benefit adjustments with effect from 1 April
Maternity Sick & Death Benefit Fund MSD stands for Maternity leave, Sick leave and Death benefits Fund. It is one of the two Funds currently being
administered by the Social Security Commission...
What is the Employees Compensation Act Employees Compensation Act, 1941 (Act No 30 of 1941). The objective of the Employees’ Compensation Fund (ECF), previously known as the Workmen’s Compensation
Fund, is the following...
ECA outstanding wage returns The Employees’ Compensation Act, Act 30 of 1941 as amended, obliges every employer to submit a wage return
to the Social Security Commission, showing the actual wages paid to the employees, before 31 March of the
relevant financial year.
Contract of Employment: Domestic Employment contract for domestic workers DownloadDownload
Contract of employment: Professional Contract of employment for professional employees DownloadDownload
Independent Contractor Agreement Agreements relating to Independent Contractors DownloadDownload
Voluntary Separation Agreement Agreements relating to the voluntary termination of the employment agreement DownloadDownload
Acting & Allowance authorization Acting allowances are paid subject to the following conditions as confirmed by both the manager and acting employee... DownloadDownload
Attendance register Attendance register for daily attendance records DownloadDownload
Attendance register Excel style layout of an attendance register DownloadDownload
Confirmation of employment status A form to confirm an employee's employment status and conditions DownloadDownload
Counselling Memorandum Record of employee counselling that has been issued DownloadDownload
Disciplinary Hearing Check list and record form pertaining to a disciplinary hearing DownloadDownload
Final Written Warning Layout and record for giving a Final Written Warning DownloadDownload
Disciplinary Hearing Form for procedures and records for conducting a disciplinary hearing DownloadDownload
Notification of a Grievance Layout for recording a Notification of a Grievance DownloadDownload
Application for Leave Form for employee to apply for leave DownloadDownload
Position Profile Form for profiling an employee's position in the company DownloadDownload
Verbal Warning Form for recording that an employee has received a verbal warning DownloadDownload
Written Warning Layout and record for giving a Written Warning DownloadDownload
Policy & Procedure:
Disciplinary and Grievance
Policy & Procedures relating to Disciplinary and Grievance related issues DownloadDownload
Namibian Labour Act No. 11 of 2007 Namibian Labour Act No. 11 of 2007 DownloadDownload
Namibian Labour Act No. 11 of 2007 - Supplement Namibian Labour Act No. 11 of 2007 - Supplement DownloadDownload
The Constitution of the Republic of Namibia The Constitution of the Republic of Namibia DownloadDownload
Employees Compensation Amendment Act, No. 5 of 1995 Amendment to the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1941, so as to adjust its provisions in view of the independence of
Namibia; to amend certain definitions; to exclude
members of the Namibian Defence Force on active
service from the definition of "employee"...
Final / Progress Medical Report Employees Compensation Act, 1941 Final / Progress Medical Report DownloadDownload
Final / Progress Medical Report E.CL5 Employees Compensation Act, 1941 Final / Progress Medical Report E.CL5 DownloadDownload
Registration of employers of domestic employees Particulars to be furnished in terms of Section 96(1) of the Employees Compensation Act, 1941... DownloadDownload
Social Security Act. No. 34 of 1994 To provide for the establishment, constitution and powers duties and functions of the Social Security Commission; to provide for the payment of maternity leave benefits, sick leave benefits and death benefits to employees and to establish for that purpose the Maternity Leave, Sick Leave and Death Benefit Fund DownloadDownload
Affidavit accompanying claim for Death Benefit Form 18 Affidavit accompanying claim for death benefit where the claimant was not the souse of the deceased employee DownloadDownload
Submission of documents in support of claim for Maternity Leave Benefits Form 14 Submission of document in support of claim for maternity leave benefits DownloadDownload
Registration as an employer Form 1 Application for Registration as an employer (other than an employer of a domestic employee) DownloadDownload
Registration as an Employee Form 3 Application for registration as an employee DownloadDownload
Registration as a Domestic Employer Form 2 Application for registration as an employer of an domestic employee DownloadDownload
SSC Registration as a Self Employed Person Form 4 Application for registration as a self-employed person DownloadDownload
Notification of changes to Maternity Leave Claim Form 13b Notification of changes to submitted maternity leave claim DownloadDownload
Indemnity Clause signed by Retirement Beneficiaries Form 19b Indemnity clause to be signed by retirement beneficiaries for the death benefit in terms of section 31 of the Social Security Act (Act No. 34 of 1994) DownloadDownload
Declaration of Employment status Sick Leave Benefits Form 15A Declaration regarding employment status – Sick Leave DownloadDownload
Declaration of Employment status Maternity Leave Benefits Form 15 MDeclaration regarding employment status - Maternity Leave DownloadDownload
Declaration in regard to the submission of a late claim Declaration for late submission of a claim DownloadDownload
Claim for Sick Leave Benefits Form 16 Claim for sick leave benefits DownloadDownload
Claim for Maternity Leave Form 13 Claim for maternity leave DownloadDownload
Claim for Death Benefits Retirement or Disability Form 19 Claim for death benefits upon retirement or disability of an employee DownloadDownload
Claim for Death Benefits Form 17 Claim for death benefits upon death of an employee DownloadDownload
Income Tax Amendment Act No. 5 of 2007 Amendment to the Income Tax Act, 1981. (Please refer to other amendments and relevant Act). DownloadDownload
Affirmative Action Employment Act No. 29 of 1998 Promulgation of Affirmative Action (Employment) Act, 1998
(Act 29 of 1998), of the Parliament
Ammendment to the Affirmative Action Employment Act No. 6
of 2007
Promulgation of Affirmative Action (Employment) Amendment Act, 2007 (Act No. 6
of 2007), of the Parliament